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UTAS Co. key priority is to provide medical and preventive treatment facilities with full range of high quality services on safe and sustainable medical equipment operation & maintenance. Timely support services are critical since people’s life depend on medical equipment work. Therefore attention to medical equipment condition is as important for us, as patients care.

UTAS Co. provides full range of medical equipment services:

  •      Startup-setup operations
  •      Technical maintenance
  •      Equipment repair / modernization
  •      Spare parts supply / sale
  •      Consultancy support

Nevertheless, although medical equipment is accurate and safe, doctor is still a key element of work with patient. His professionalism, skills and ability to work with sophisticated medical equipment is a main factor of effective medical treatment. Our company goal as a developer and manufacturer of modern medical equipment is to provide doctor with comprehensive information on main equipment features, educate on competent and full scale capabilities usage.

UTAS Co. training specialists work specifically in this direction providing trainings, seminars and medical staff individual education.

Regarding UTAS Co. service Center please contact:

    +380 (44) 456 21 34
      +380 (44) 456 93 92


 To register service or repair order the following information is required:

  •       Full name of medical institution
  •       Equipment type
  •       Equipment serial number (ESN)
  •       Substance of the issue
  •       Contact person full name and phone number