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UTAS Co. was established in 1992 for implementing innovation projects in the field of electromedical technologies.

Medical equipment that is produced by UTAS Co. combines high quality standards and modern production technique. All UTAS Co. products have been certified according to requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016 and have СЕ-mark (CE 2409according Directive 93/42/ЕСС and can be represented on the EU market.

Our company provides medical equipment for clinic centers, hospitals and other health care institutions all over the world. Currently, due to high quality and reliability of the products UTAS Co. successfully operates on the international market of medical equipment, creating a wide international dealer network. Medical equipment manufactured by UTAS Co. is exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Such a result of the company's activity would be impossible without special technical basis, unique technological solutions, application of high technologies of worldwide leaders in electronics, cooperation with leading medical institutions of different countries.

The main company profile includes design, production, maintenance and distribution of advanced medical equipment. Currently our company develops following product lines: