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UM 300 - 20


New level of continuous monitoring and uninterrupted surveillance at all stages of patient care.

  • Most effective configuration of monitoring in one device - ultra slim HD touch screen (20") for ICU, OR
  • Universal UniPort connectors  technologies - extended set of compact measuring modules (modules-in-cable) connected to the monitor and automatically detect a type of connected sensor
  • Plug and play – maximum flexibility and quick readiness for all new clinical situations
  • Ultra functional slim design - only 5 cm depth
  • Unique networking capacity
  • Remote access to vital patient information directly from PC, PDA or mobile phone (Web Viewer) 


Basic integrated set of monitored parameters:
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  • ECG
  • respiration rate
  • SpO2 using Nellcor OxiMax™ technology
  • NIBP - SMART NIBP technology
  • body temperature (2 channels)
  • CO2 (main - or sidestream)

Extended set of monitored parameters, connected via UniPort technology:

  • IBP (up to 4 channels)
  • 12-leads ECG
  • N2O, СО2, Hal, Iso, Enf, Sev, Des / О2 (main-or sidestream)monitor screen 800 600 2
  • Monitoring of depth of anesthesia (BIS-module), EEG
  • Measurement of the main hemodynamic parameters using a thermodilution technique (CO)
  • Non-invasive monitoring of central hemodynamic parameters by ICG
  • Monitoring of the level of neuromuscular activity (NMT).  



  • TFT display, touch screen, 20" display
  • 5 cm (2") depth only
    monitor menu 800 600 7 2
  • Unique networking capacity:
    • Bed-To-Bed Viewer
    • Web Viewer
    • Connection with Central station UNET
  • Remote access to patient information
  • UniPort multipurpose connectors technology
  • UniScreen - extended monitoring on two individually customizable screens
  • Plug-and-play technology
  • Built-in WiFi module 
  • Automatic switch from wire to wireless connection
  • OxiCRG
  • 12-leads ECG, ST-segment analysis, arrhythmia analysis
  • 3 display modes: Standard, Large Numbers, Mini-trends
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Drug dose and infusion rate, Ventilation, Oxygenation and Hemodynamic calculators
  • Measuring of patient's metabolism and energy-requirement (energy metabolism) (optional)Cтандарт-Б
  • Simultaneous display of more than 12 real-time waveforms
  • Individual screen settings (user profiles)
  • Soft-keys
  • Onboard memory - up to 720 hours trends for all monitored parameters
  • Wide-viewing light alarm indicator (up to 360°)
  • Port for SD-card for storing volume and trends
  • Additional external display
  • Remote controller
  • Built-in handle
  • Multifunctional monitor mount system
  • Internal rechargeable battery.

Multipurpose connectors technology allows to create the most effective configuration of monitor’s information – not more and not less as it’s necessary in each situation for each patient. All expanded monitoring capabilities are connected simply by modules-in-cable to any Uniport. All connected modules are automatically detected and the screen automatically reconfigures. 

The modern holder solution of the modules provides for patient monitors operational readiness for work. Location modules near the device allows the doctor to connect the cables and sensors to the unitquickly and easily and start measuring of the required parameters.

Patient transportation  got easier with  unique approach to module's mounting solution.
IMG 5690IMG 5616

 UM 300 Patient Monitors have expanded monitoring capabilities. Extended setof monitored parameters, connected byUniPort technology:

  • IBP (up to 4 channels)
  • 12-leads ECG
  • CO2 (main- or sidestream)
  • N2O, СО2, Hal, Iso, Enf, Sev, Des/О(main- or sidestream)
  • Monitoring of depth of anesthesia (BIS-module), EEG
  • Measurement of the main hemodynamic parameters using a thermodilution technique (CO)
  • Non-invasive monitoring of central hemodynamic parameters by ICG
  • Monitoring of the level of neuromuscular activity (NMT).
13ADA 1849

A wide range of modules-in-cable provides an opportunity for hospital to purchase patient monitors and additional functions exactly in the amount which is necessary at the moment and expand the functionality of the existing monitors in the future, purchasing required the modules-in-cable only.

Name/Data IBP module(from 2 to 4 channels) AAg/O2 module(main and sidestream) BIS™ module Thermodilution Module
IMG 5485
IMG 5529
IMG 5499
IMG 5515
Method catheterization infrared absorption measure of the effects of anesthesia and sedation on the brain, non-invasive thermodilution,invasive
  • SYS
  • DIA
  • Meane
  • Pulse
  • EtCO2, FiCO2
  • N2O
  • EtO2, FiO2
  • Hal, Iso, Enf, Des, Sev
  • BIS
  • EMG
  • BC
  • SR
  • CO
  • SV
  • CI
  • SVI
Group of patients
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • infant
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • infant
  • intubate
  • non intubate
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • infant
  • adult

Name/Data 12-leads ECG module ICG module Respiratory Mechanics module Neuromusculartransition(NMT) module
1IMG 5737 pasha IMG 5551 1IMG 5737 pasha. 03jpg IMG 5570
Method diagnostic measurements of12-leads ECG impedance cardiography,bio-impedance, continuous,non-invasive differential pressure TOF stimulation



  • I, II, III
  • aVL, aVR, aVF
  • V1 - V6
  • SV, SVRI, SI
  • CO, ЧП
  • TFC, SVR, DO2I
  • flow and pressure
  • volume
  • minute volume
  • inspiratory time 
  • exhalation time 
  • peak flow
  • peak pressure
  • PEEP
  • compliance
  • resistance
Modes of measurement:
  • TOF (train of Four)
  • ST (Single twitch)
  • PTC (Post tetanic Count)
  • DBS (Double Burst)
  • TET (tetanic)
Group of patients
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • adult
  • pediatric
  • infant
  • adult
  • pediatric

BIS is trademark of Covidien AG

Remote access to patient’s data in trends or real-time mode, while you are away from the bedside. 

Clinicians can quickly check patient’s status directly from a standard PC, Mac or tablet PC, on wireless, pocket-sized Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or smartphone.

With the Web Viewer you can quickly check the status of your patients directly from your PC without making a trip to the bedside or even to the hospital.

Web Viewer is capable of displaying real time patient monitoring data such as waveforms, alarms and numeric including printing facilities. Web Viewer can use any type of technology: wire, wireless, mobile.

Web Viewer software adds web-enabling capability to the Central station UNET. Now, physicianscan quickly and easily access current vital patient data from remote locations or anywhere that has internet access.

Web Viewer allows physicians to remotely interact with on-site clinical staff, reducing delays in diagnosing patients, saving time and increasing productivity.

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  • Multi-patient view capability -- view real-time streaming waveforms for any patient on the network bycentral station
  • Access patient data from any Central station UNET on your network using browser
  • Auto adjust according to screen size
  • User authorization
  • Configure administrative privileges, controls and functions
  • User Management function allows administrator to add, define and manage users
  • Event List
  • Graphic Trends.

High profile patient monitoring - another monitoring just does not make any sense.

UniView solution is based on an advanced web technologies that provides a number of advantages of this product in comparison with the others:
  • no hardware requirements;
  • requirements only for web browser;
  • easy to upgrade software;
  • flexible and scalable system.

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UTAS UniView patient continuous universal monitoring solution suggests complete and flexible solution of monitoring tasks at all stages of patient management, both in the acute phase of treatment and during recovery.

Hospital monitoring system is constructed directly by the user in a clinical department depending on the required scope of monitoring by selecting one or combining several devices:

  • Patient monitor UM 300-15 (display 20 ")
  • Patient monitor UM 300-15 (display 15 ")
  • Portable patient monitor UM 300-10 (Display 10 ")
  • Expanded functions modules
  • Central station UNET.
Continuous access to the patient database is provided by:
  • Bed-to-bed Viewer - review of monitored parameters from one UM series patient network monitor on any other network monitor
  • Web Viewer - remote access to the monitored patient parameters from any network monitor in real time mode or in trends.

Using UniView system the monitored patient information is continuous and stored in a single database and doctors can quickly assess the patient status even in remote mode.